A lost two months!

So while I haven't been posting, a lot has happened. I've take up sculpting, I'm moving back to Melbourne, I've sold dolls, bought dolls, and made dolls!

I've actually had my 'name' for a whole, thinking if I ever did end up sculpting a doll that I would think up something more clever, but I think Gloss Dolls, or Glossd? I'm leaning toward Glossd, because it's a 'word' while still being a bit more than 'suchnsuch dolls' as that was always my concern.

These dolls will be characters in the extensive Glossd universe, which I have created both for my use, and for the use of anyone who needs help with stories and characters. I know several people who can't come up with these things easily, but really want those aspect applied to their dolls. So hopefully someone can have a bit of fun out of it.

The sizes will each represent a species/race (they're all more or less human-looking, save for a few features and size. The Wanderling are where I'm starting at 35cm, and the first is Acoe.

Here's an update on here. I've just bought some resin, and my dad bought me some silicon from his work. Becaue he uses a lot of it, I can use the scraps to fill the large empty spaces wheree would otherwise be filled with new silicon that just fills... space. it's very handy and i hope that tip helps someone. Silicon is so expensive. Though he was telling me about the stuff they use to make porcelain vaneers, and apparently it's getting close to space shuttle material kind of strength, a bottle of that is super expensive.

She's partially string here, I was testing her seating, and her torso/head joints. Good so far, but it's hard to judge right now as the clay has far more friction than resin does.

Next to a Pukifee PongPong
 In my hand, wahh ;0;
 Looking sassy. I adore her with elf ears ;0;

 With a crappy black wig XD
 The only shot I got of her back and GIANT BUM.

Cocking her hip. Super good at that XD

She has hands too, but they're not done and they're in a box atm so I can't be bothered getting them out to take photos yet.

All noob-ness aside, I love doing this, and I am super proud of her. Can't wait to finish her, and then start on more heads and bodies and more of this world. EEEE!

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  1. Daati says:

    She looks fantastic so far! It's been really inspiring watching your sculpting progress on Tumblr, it almost makes me want to try sculpting something when I have the time. I doubt I'll have the money to buy one of your dolls now but I really hope I can buy one at some point in the future!

  2. She's looks simply amazing so far!
    I'm already putting money aside so that I can afford her xD

  3. Lene says:

    I love your blogs! You are so creative! :)

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