So I'm done with Anouk's mods. This head is definitely Anouk, not her sister, I know for sure now. I actually got twin#2's wig yesterday which I thought was super lucky, and then today I got Anouk's wig! I ordered that from the states on Monday. Three days.

Anyway, so you're not going to see her with her own wig until her faceup is done, but I will share her finished mods, with her sister's wig and temp brown eyes (she has yellowish amber eyes, or green... I bought two different pairs and I'm not sure who will have which colour.).

That dress is for my lovely friend Jak; it came in the mail today and I'm to send it off to her in Canada, along with all sorts of goodies, and sexy underwear, but not really.

I'm going to do her faceup now, wish me luck! :P

2 Responses to “Modding COMPLETE!”
  1. Kass Yboa says:

    She's cute! I love the modding you did. Can't wait to see how she'll look when she's done! :D

  2. Cammie says:

    Great mods! Gotta love those minifee hands <3

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